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All my workshops are currently online though they are usually held in in Central London. I’ve done these as far afield as Doha in the Middle East so if you’d like to arrange one nearer you please ask.

Managing Menopause Naturally Workshop

Thursday June 24th 2021

7pm to 9pm

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With over 34 symptoms now associated with menopause from aches & pains & anxieties to vaginal dryness it can be difficult to identify what’s going on for us. Especially as we are seeing signs of perimenopause in ever younger women.

As a practitioner I’ve seen huge change in the last 20 years. We’ve gone from a time in a woman’s life that barely got press, to a topic of hourly Instagram posts, prime time TV focus & interviews at a Government policy level.

Partly this is due to some great movers and shakers who are working hard to raise awareness and create support for women, but it’s also due to our, now, massively compromised endocrine (hormonal) systems shouting out for solutions.

Why might this be? Come and find out and get some great solutions for your symptoms.

‘After months of unpredictable and exasperating hot flushes and night sweats I felt I’d got my life back again’

Australian Bush Flower Essences for Kids, Teens & Pets

NEXT online version summer 2021

The next step in my series on Australian Bush Flower Essences.

This time the focus is on emotional health for Kids, Teens & fur babies.

The webinar will be recorded and there will be Q & A time.

You’ll be sent a personal link afterwards to watch again.

The history of flower essence prescribing can be traced back many thousands of years. Records show the Benedictine abbess, Hildegard of Bingen, writer, philosopher, mystic and polymath of the Middle Ages used flower essences.

Many cultures the world over use flower essences to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life.

The essences are safe for the whole family including your pets and can be used alongside other health choices.

Detox Your Life Workshop

NEXT online version summer 2021

Discover some simple steps to cleanse & detox, de-clutter your life, and create space for the year ahead. This is a mini programme you can put into practice at home or take with you on your travels.

Learning to press the refresh button for your health, your living space and your workspace is and the key to letting go of the things that hold you back in life.

Self-help techniques and tips to help you transform everyday worries and health issues plus I introduce an amazing organic 10 Day Detox & Cleanse Programme.

‘This isn’t just a detox, it’s a life changing experience. A lifetime addiction to sugar gone in 10 days!’

I feel healthier, my body shape has changed and I feel stronger physically and emotionally

Balancing Your Hormones Workshop

Look out for an online version of this later in 2021

Our hormones can have us strung out at any time of our life but there is much that can be done to help.

So often we suffer and feel unsupported place and the only mainstream option is medication that can have unwanted side effects.

I’ve worked with women for over 20 years, dealing with all aspects of the female hormonal cycle from puberty, through pregnancy & beyond menopause. I have a practical down to earth approach so expect to go home with tried and tested advice and tips that are easy to establish at home.

This 2 hour workshop is full of practical tips to support yourself.

‘That cream I used was amazing. Everything worked like magic to stop my heavy bleeding’

‘Stress and excitement would affect my periods. All that has calmed down now’

Beyond Burnout Workshop

Look out for an online version of this later in 2021

A workshop I intriduced 2 years ago as I’d been teaching clients how to look after their adrenal glands as ‘adrenal burnout’ is the latest buzzword.

Life now is fast-paced with information coming in from all sides at all times. Creating healthy boundaries to conserve our resources is paramount. Come along and learn which foods work and what practices truly restore us and how to lead a more evenly balanced, peaceful and relaxed life.

Thank you for this. Love love love knowing about all this!

Understanding Your Yoga Body Workshop

Look out for an online version of this later in 2021

Another new workshop in my repertoire. I’ve practiced yoga since I was pregnant with my son nearly 30 years ago and it’s been part of every week ever since.

As a young mum yoga was my touchstone for stress, keeping my body strong, supple and fit and giving me much-needed time out to recharge my batteries and restore my system.

In this workshop we’ll tune into the benefits of learning to breath well, using yoga to manage stress, restore our energy levels, gain better sleep and understand our physical bodies better on the yoga journey.

Aches, pains, cramps, injuries – we’ll look at all of these and what they might be trying to tell us and how to find solutions.

Help Balance Your Hormones in one easy recipe


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