What to expect at an appointment

The first appointment is usually an hour and I take a full case history.

For many people this is often the first time they have explored their health in this way and it can be quite insightful.

At your appointment I’ll give you an idea of what to expect and how long it might take to achieve your goals and I’ll email afterwards with advice and a plan.

I’m looking to create a solution-focused health plan that’s bite-sized and is at a pace suited to you.

Consultations are face to face and online via Skype, Whatsapp video & Zoom

Any questions drop me a line or find out how to book here http://carolinegaskin.co.uk/location-bookings/

I look forward to meeting you.

PS. Some private health insurers cover homeopathy so please ask about this.

PPS. Clients often follow up with an email of things they’ve thought about that might be relevant so feel free to make some notes as it helps both of us.

“Caroline really knows her stuff. She has been prescribing for me since she qualified in 2000. She has a well rounded knowledge of health matters and other complimentary therapies as well as western medicine which puts her in a good position when it comes to signposting. If you are looking for a homeopath or natural health practitioner you would be in very good hands with Caroline.”

“Making small changes over time ultimately adds up to a big difference in health & wellbeing.”

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