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Some big stuff happened back then and over the decades some deep healing has gone on. Even all this time later I’m finding the tools I have now have reached far back and done some tweaking and there’s a feeling of completion, of laying some things to rest and creating space for what is to come.

My journey

So who am I now? I’m 58, I have 2 adult kids and I’ve worked as a natural health practitioner for over 20 years. I’m through menopause and still keen to do the next decades naturally.

Before I had children I was a Textile Fine Artist with my own studio creating backdrops and stage sets and club interiors and printing t-shirts, creating and making. It was great fun and I could network though didn’t know the first thing about business.

I got into natural health when I had children and it became our first port of call if anyone was ill.

Later I studied homeopathy and worked part time for the Active Birth Centre doing their PR and promoting complementary therapies. The press were hungry for information and it was a cutting edge arena – I loved it, building contacts, sharing information, getting press.

Times change, values don’t

Over 20 years on I’m reflecting on all this as we’re in changing times.

Truth is we don’t know what lies ahead but there is a lot we can do to lay good foundations.

Early in 2020 before Corona came to visit I was invited to do a talk on Managing Menopause Naturally for International Womens Day at Homes for Haringey.

I spoke alongside wonderful women whose topics were as diverse as being BAME executives and supporting domestic abuse and I was wowed by all the women who came to chat afterwards asking questions about menopause and who were relieved to know there are solutions and wanting to know more.

And I was reminded there and then to make what I know more accessible to a wider audience, to support more people by sharing low cost, effective ways to help relieve some of the myriad of symptoms women get now. Homeopathy is just one of those solutions. Flower essences, skin brushing, adding in targeted supplements, focusing on cetrtain foods and taking up exercise might be in the mix.

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A problem shared

When I first started in practice I had 3 mums come in one after the other with new babies who had itchy skin and I gave the same advice to each of them and thought how nice it would be if they’d all been together and we could have shared and laughed and learnt a lot more together and so running courses and workshops was added to what I do but I also wrote my first information sheet about the basics for healthy skin and handed it out.

20 years on I still send that document out – the basics still stand – look after the digestive system with probiotics, add in essential fatty acids, use a simple chlorine filter for the bathwater, add some sea salt or hand-mined Himalayan Salt to the bath and eliminate a few things from the diet. Maybe add some homeopathy.

And, if we need to refine that further, we can. Perhaps a food intolerance test if a skin condition is really stubborn.

Making space for what’s to come

So it’s been interesting to reflect on what stands the test of time and what time allows us to let go of.

Let’s  endeavour to keep the good stuff and treasure it and set an intention to have more!

Here’s me talking to the wonderful Avni Trivedi for her Speak From The Body podcast series

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Avni is a Cranial osteopath working in Central London and specialising in women’s health.

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