Join me and my dear friend & yoga teacher, Angie Klein, for our week-long Wellbeing Retreat at the renowned Las Chimeneas in the High Alpjuarras, Southern Spain, September 14 – 21.

September sun, restorative yoga, wellbeing sessions, beautiful surroundings, quiet village life and time for you!

Each day we’ll start with a gentle yoga session and a shared breakfast then a talk or workshop on a variety of themes: natural health, balancing your hormones, understanding your yoga body, creating a safe restorative space for yourself and helping to demystify what we read on the internet.

In these sessions we’ll look to nature for our inspiration and venture out to tune in, drink deep and listen to the messages that come.

The High Aljajarras, beautiful, restful, unspoilt and all yours!

On 2 mornings we’ll be exploring a warm up Chi Gung & meditation through movement. Meditation is a great tool for managing stress but so often it seems a task – we’re going to show you how we can make it a simple, enjoyable part of our everyday life and how you can reap the rewards.

For the afternoons there’s an optional range of activities: local walks, visits to the olive mill and silk weaver, opportunities to forage fresh ingredients and the cahnce to learn about the local cuisine.

Just relaxing is an option too of course!

Las Chimeneas has lovely accommodation and they are renowned for their food – this is where London’s Moro restaurant staff go to train & E5 Bakehouse holds their breadmaking courses.

If you would like to join me for 2023, I’ll be at the Menoheaven Retreat!