I had a fun morning a few weeks ago talking with Meg Mathews for her fabulous Meg’s Menopause site about how to do an easy Spring Cleanse.

We talked about ‘why’ it’s good to do a cleanse in the spring, what organs you are best supporting and gave some great tips to create an easy routine to do for a month to feel lighter, more energised and more focused.

The word detox gets bandied around a lot at the moment and ‘detox’ is so much more than simply stopping alcohol or sugar for a period of time.

Here we talk about simple low cost options such as having 2 large glasses of lemon juice and hot water each morning, skin brushing and hot & cold showers.

We also talked about juicing – I work with several superfood cleanses that go a lot deeper and are great for weightloss and shifting toxins – but there is nothing as good as a fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice when you have the time. Go for organic fruit & veggies and try to use a delivery scheme to get the best nutritional value and the best price.

You can listen in to us here enjoy!