Have you heard of your lymph system?

We all have one but, unlike the blood which is pumped around our bodies by the heart, our lymph system relies on us moving to operate efficiently.

If we don’t walk, bounce, dance or jump around the lymph system can get very sluggish. And many of us sit all day at a desk.

The lymph’s job is to take toxins from the cells, via the interstital fluid to 2 big lymph ducts above the heart. From there the blood takes what we no longer need to the liver to cleanse and excrete.

Skin brushing is just one way to stimulate the lymph to do its job better.

Walking, chi gung exercises, rebounding, dancing are all good, but a skin brush everyday before a shower is a really envigorating way to get going.


Try this everyday for a month and see what a difference it makes!

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