Everyone can benefit from a cleanse once or twice a year.

You might just know that you need a holiday from wheat, dairy, meat, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Or you might be looking to lose some weight, or build some muscle.

Whatever the reason, it’s not something to be taken lightly. If it’s your first cleanse I would recommend having some support.

A deep cleanse aims to remove the build up of toxins from your body and, although our bodies are well designed to do this naturally, the problem arises when elimination does not keep up with accumulation.

With today’s diets and lifestyles, having a toxic build-up is all too common.

Signs of a toxic build up can include low energy, weight gain, headaches, feeling bloated and sluggish or experiencing digestive problems.

Cleansing helps your liver and bowels remove the toxins more efficiently. Using targeted herbs we can clear parasites too.

I have done many cleanses over the years, ranging from juicing, water fasts, raw food diets and herbal detoxes and nothing has worked as well as the 10 Day Transformation Cleanse designed by Dave Sandoval, author of The Green Food Bible.

It’s all vegan, organic, non GMO and contains lots of herbs and superfoods. There are no binders, whey fillers or anything artificial. No artificial flavours or colours. Please read the small print on anything else you are considering as I can almost guarantee you will not find this quality anywhere else.

I first did this particular cleanse in April 2015 after studying the products for over 8 months. They had been around in the US and Germany for some time but were new in the UK at that time.

On the first cleanse, I lost 7 lbs which I was really pleased with, but what wowed me most of all was the fact that my blood sugar remained stable for the whole 10 days.

I did not experience any crashes or intense mood swings. This was amazing, as with a lot of cleanses, this is not the case.

It meant I could continue to work throughout. Even on some really busy days, my energy levels remained steady, which is a testament to how well-balanced this cleanse is.

Other benefits included not feeling ‘down’ as I had done on previous juice fasts, and I had no coffee withdrawal headaches. In fact, my memory, mood, concentration and sleep all improved so much so that I didn’t particularly want to stop!

What I also like is you get to eat every two hours, which helps combat the craving to actively munch on something, which is such a primal desire.

In addition to 3 daily green superfood shakes, ionic minerals, vegan protein and cracked cell chlorella you get a herbal bowel cleanse and the delicious melatonin-boosting sour cherry concentrate rich in antioxidants to have before bedtime.

Three times a day you can also eat a small portion of flex foods such as watermelon, avocado, cucumber and celery. For a warmer flex food you can have a miso soup or some steamed greens.

Like all good cleanses you’ll experience some emotional upgrades and will likely transition from doubt to resolve, from irritation to exuberance so watch out – you might love it too!

Some benefits include:

  • Losing 5 lbs to 20 lbs weight if your body needs it – even for someone very slim, there will be a little water retention or excess weight holding toxins.
  • A deep clean for your liver, bowel and it clears parasites.
  • Targeted supplements build muscle, repair connective tissue, balance blood sugar & support bones
  • You can expect clearer skin and to feel more focused
  • It will help clear synthetic hormones, heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals stored in the system.
  • It’s a holiday from wheat, dairy, meat, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

chart of cleanse transformation journey

You don’t have to do it alone

Cleanses can be challenging so 2 or 3 times a year I organise a group cleanse and we have a Whatsapp chat group. Many people stay on as they enjoy the ride so much and want to support any newcomers. Get in contact if you would like to join the cleanse and be added to the chat! I also have a Facebook group

If you are interested in finding out more about how to detox your life, you might find this webinar useful.

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