Last week I had a call from a client I’d not seen in some time who’d found the time over Christmas to listen to my Managing Menopause Naturally Webinars. She’d really appreciated what I had to say and our conversation lead on to support for women going through menopause in the workplace.

Given that we’ve gone from a time in a woman’s life that barely got press, to a topic of hourly Instagram posts, prime time TV focus & interviews at a Government policy level, women going through menopause, are still a long way from being supported in the office.

And let’s face it many of us spend over 40 hours a week there!

There are over 34 symptoms now associated with menopause from aches & pains & anxieties to vaginal dryness. Many women don’t even know this, let alone GP’s and bosses at work certainly don’t.

My main premise is that we can do it naturally and so much can be done to make life easier both at home and at work. Hot flushes, sleep problems, confidence issues and tiredness can be eased.

We just need to get the information out there. Wellbeing budgets need to include women at menopause.

My next LIVE Managing Menopause Workshop is on 2nd March – you can book here.