In our house it’s that time of year when I can still justify a slice of Christmas cake for breakfast because it can help balance hormones. Here’s how:

Currant, raisins, sultanas are all power-packed with the nutrients we need to balance hormones, especially calcium & potassium. They’re also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and beta carotene to help support immunity.

Shock fact for me today is that currants are actually a small dried grape and not related to our juicy English blackcurrants, nevertheless still a great source of nutrients.

Nuts are fatty, starchy and protein-dense and we need fats to make hormones.

Christmas cake is full of fibre too to assist digestion.

We need protein-balanced meals so I eat my Christmas cake with a slice of unpasteurised, organic cheese (Northern-style) to swing more protein in to help balance my thyroid. 

A little goes a long way, so you don’t need a huge slice of either.

PS this is my friend Andrea Szalay’s Christmas cake in the pic – check out her fabulous Any Age Yoga classes

Marzipan made from ground organic almonds is calcium-rich. Almonds are good for heart health.

Note to self: avoid using candied peel in the mix and go for orange and lemon zest from unwaxed organic citrus fruits. 

Mmm feel that summer sun they’ve harvested especially for you!

Now there is a little flour and your cake could be gluten-free if you choose.

There is some egg and there is some sugar – go organic with all ingredients- and don’t eat too much in one go. And for any vegans in the room there are some great recipes for a vegan Christmas cake.

Any additional protein with your Christmas cake ie a slice of cheese or milk or nut milk in your coffee could help you achieve blood sugar balance. When our blood sugar is balanced we women prodcue progesterone more efficiently. I call progesterone our feel-good hormone.

Talking of coffee, I’ve recently swung to the decaff camp as I love coffee but was feeling too buzzy on the caffeine.

Be sure to go for organic, swiss water process decaff. Less impact on the planet and no nasty chemicals. My sleep has improved since I’ve done this as it had inexplicably gone wonky.

And if you prefer a cup of tea and want to avoid caffeine Clipper Tea make a nice decaffeinated tea.

And one last thing. I’m back to intermittent fasting with that breakfast (literally ‘break fast’) and coming to it mid morning or at 12pm. More on that another time.

So enjoy your cake!

Have your cake and eat it too!!

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