I’m working on my book today ‘ Bird Is The Word’.

The book is about bird watching and what the world of the birds can bring us.

It feels good to sit in a quiet space away from the hustle and anxieties of Autumn 2020. It’s warm indoors. Outside the sky is blue with light fluffy clouds, green and gold leaves on the trees. Birds flitting about, harder to see and more elusive than in the spring. Who would think there’s anything strange or unusual or untoward going on?


Studies show that spending time with birds is restful, and reassures us at a deep level. We have known birds and watched them for millennia. Personal memories of bright goldfinches on city streets, murmurations of starlings once viewed over the Firth of Forth and this summer the ‘chist’ of a greenfinch back from the brink of extinction.

Birds mark the seasons. They show us the cycle of life and are a reminder that there can be a time beyond the madness of 2020.

Birdwatching for me became a touchstone for stress in my late 40’s in perimenopause when yoga no longer worked and I felt more wound up after the class than before. The thrill of time out in nature, away from the digital world where we spend so much of our time was healing. Observing birds, listening to their song and being charmed by their presence was a balm. It was easy to get hooked. And birdwatching is light on the environment, which is dear to my heart.

Detox from the digital

Bird Is The Word is about all this and more and how you too can nourish your mind, heal your body and learn to detox from the digital through the mindful practice of birdwatching.

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Smash The Box podcast

I have a new podcast out with Mark Pitcher from Smash The Box where we talk about chakras, superfoods, natural health, menopause, permaculture and of course Bird Is The Word.

You can listen here

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