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Hello and welcome to my website

As a natural health practitioner and one of the UK’s leading homeopaths, I am passionate about helping you take control of your health, naturally.

My experience in homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle advice and natural health solutions, including flower essences, spans over 20 years.

I have prescribed for thousands of people for both physical and emotional issues.

We can use homeopathy and natural health options instead of, or alongside conventional medicine, and help detox and re-energise after long courses of conventional treatment.

Hormonal health & menopause

My passion for hormonal and women’s health grew from my journey through the menopause. For myself and many women, approaching this time in life brings up so much anxiety, fear and questions.

During those years, taking control of my health through a combination of remedies, cleanses, therapies, yoga and time out in nature enabled me to navigate through to the other side with relative ease.

I can now help you manage the myriad of symptoms associated with menopause naturally through one-to-one support, workshops and trainings. You can purchase my Natural Menopause workshop here.

I also have a free resource in the form of a Facebook Group for Managing Menopause Naturally here

I’ve worked with people of all ages and at all stages of life. Whether you are a pregnant woman, have a new baby or children, want help with hormones or are managing old age – homeopathy and natural health practices work.

All appointments are currently online. Please drop me a line at

NB. Ainsworths Pharmacy consulting rooms are currently closed due to COVID.

Natural Health Workshops

I hold courses, workshops, online webinars and masterclasses and lecture in homeopathy worldwide. Click here to find out more.

The Natural Health Pet Summit

After meeting Clare Grierson, dog bevaviourist from Muddy Mutley’s, we immediately got to talking about all the new pets in the UK since lockdown and how best we can support our clients.

We soon dreamed up the Natural Health Pet Summit – a weekend of great talks, case studies and furry fun. We met the vets, the healers, the animal behaviourists & learnt how to calm a stressed animal.

There were lots of take home tips and inspiration for a more holistic approach for the animals in your life.

If you would like to watch this on catch up drop me a line at

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s session, I was left with such a wonderful feeling, sharing that time with my daughter and concentrating on her, it felt really special. Thank you for creating that lovely space for us.”

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