Natural Health & Homeopathy Workshops

Colds, coughs, simple acutes, sleep issues, injuries and emotional upsets can all be supported with remedies from your homeopathy kit. Knowing when to call the doctor is fundamental but many times I hear of a trip to A & E that may well have been avoided by a simple homeopathic prescription. This 2 hour workshop will inspire confidence. Lifetime access and handouts.

A 4 hour practical guide to using the Narayani Combination Remedies.

Perfect for practitioners, post graduates and final year students.

This 2 hour workshop is for women in peri-menopause, true menopause & post menopause. Also suitable for POI.

Understand the difference between HRT and bio identical hormones and discover the most relevant supports, lifestyle advice & complementary therapies.

Explore our relationship with metal through the ages, the metal remedies used in homeopathy, heavy metals in our environment and how to detect and clear heavy metal toxicity. This is a 4 & ½ hour video masterclass.

Perfect for practitioners, post graduates and final year students.

A 4 hour masterclass for anyone working with women in peri-menopause & true menopause. Suitable for yoga teachers, fitness instructors as well as homeopaths and other CAM therapists.

Practical tips and natural health solutions for period problems in this 2hr workshop. Includes fertility advice.

Tried and tested steps to cleanse & detox, de-clutter your life in this 2 hour recorded workshop.

Plus an introduction to the organic, vegan superfood cleanses I work with.

Ideal for both personal interest and practitioners.

Strategies to support clients on medication who want to wean off medication in this 2 hour masterclass. Discover the nutrients that get depleted whilst taking allopathic drugs & learn how to rebuild the best we can.

Learn how and when to use homeopathic remedies for teething, colic, digestive issues, bumps, colds, coughs and fevers, sleep problems and tantrums.

A 2 hour recorded guide for anyone working with women in post menopause. Suitable for yoga teachers, fitness instructors as well as homeopaths and other CAM therapists.

Explore the Australian Bush Flower Essences in this 90 minute recorded webinar.

Learn how to support the major glands in the body and how to administer the essences.

Ideal for both personal interest and practitioners.

It’s 250 years on from Hahnemann’s time and adaptation is the key to survival. Discover some useful new tools in this 2 hour masterclass.

Would you like to wake up to a workshop sale while you sleep? Are you looking to create a thriving, sustainable practice? In this 2 hour masterclass, Caroline shows you how to create your own online classes, workshops and webinars with a system that works smarter for you with less overheads.

Find out how to support emotional upsets, change, anxieties & fears in this 90 minute recorded webinar.

Learn how to administer the essences to kids, teens & pets.

Ideal for both personal interest and practitioners.

There are new emerging trends for cancer and in this 2 hour masterclass Caroline covers therapeutics, drainage remedies, resources, prescribing strategies and protocols, cancer case management and how to look after yourself when prescribing for complex pathologies.

The Combination Essences are easy to source and use for emotional wellbeing and everyday situations. Safe for all the family and can be used alongside other health choices. Ideal for both personal interest and practitioners.

‘Learn to use homeopathic remedies to safely support the different stages of pregnancy when allopathic medication is often contraindicated. In this 2 hour workshop, Caroline shows how to use remedies in childbirth and to support both mum and baby postnatally.

A 45 minute workshop designed to help you recognise & navigate perimenopause with more ease. Natural health solutions for your pain points.

True menopause is the time when hot flushes, sleep problems and anxiety can get really intense. It’s the time when change really happens. This 45 minute workshop is suitable for all women. Natural health solutions that can be used instead of or alongside HRT.

We live an average of 30 years beyond menopause and this isn’t being talked about enough. In this 45 minute video workshop you’ll learn about the key things to look out for and how can we support ourselves and eachother effectively.

Understand thyroid symptoms, what causes imbalance and how to support your thyroid during menopause. A workshop for all women looking to improve their overall well-being and vitality.

Homeopathy can be used instead of or alongside HRT. An introduction, guidance on how to take remedies, where to source homeopathy & signposting to support. Suitable for all women at any stage of menopause.

Workshops & masterclasses

My courses, workshops and masterclasses are currently online. I’ve done these as far afield as Doha in the Middle East so if you’d like to arrange one nearer you please ask.

How to Tackle Hayfever Naturally

thursday 9th may 2024

It’s that time of year again and many people will be packing tissues and a nasal spray to take with them to school and work but often the sprays stop working over time and ever-stronger versions are needed, with or without steroids, which of course have their own unwanted effects.

This workshop is about our homeopathic approach and will help you identify remedies related to how your hayfever is.

I explain the practitioner’s approach and how homeopathy can help outside of the pollen season to heal the predisposition to getting hayfever.

We’ll also look at foods that help, supplements and practical tips to get you through the season with ease.

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Beyond Burnout Workshop

thursday 30th may 2024

A workshop I introduced 2 years ago as I’d been teaching clients how to look after their adrenal glands as ‘adrenal burnout’ is the latest buzzword.

Life now is fast-paced with information coming in from all sides at all times. Creating healthy boundaries to conserve our resources is paramount. Come along and learn which foods work and what practices truly restore us and how to lead a more evenly balanced, peaceful and relaxed life.

Thank you for this. Love love love knowing about all this!

Thyroid Masterclass

2024 dates TBC

Our poor thyroids! So many people suffer with dysfunctional thyroids and we need to understand the pathologies, the mainstream approach why and learn what to do about it.

As online masterclass for homeopaths & student homeopaths.

The Natural Health Pet Summit

After meeting Clare Grierson, dog bevaviourist from Muddy Mutley’s, we immediately got to talking about all the new pets in the UK since lockdown and how best we can support our clients.

We soon dreamed up the Natural Health Pet Summit – a weekend of great talks, case studies and furry fun.

It was entertaining and educational weekend with 10 hours of talks from Vince The Vet on nutrition, Gemma Hodson on identifying pain, Clare Grierson on the history of the dog and dog behaviour, Helen the Healer & Debbie Potts Ttouch with techniquies to calm nervous and fearful pets.

We had talks on bird watching, beekeeping, homeopathy for dairy farming and pets, flower essences and sustainable pet treats from The Rainforester.

You’re not too late to watch this fabulous event on catch up. Drop me line at for details.

Understanding Your Yoga Body Workshop

2024 dates TBC

Another new workshop in my repertoire. I’ve practiced yoga since I was pregnant with my son nearly 35 years ago and it’s been part of every week ever since.

As a young mum yoga was my touchstone for stress, keeping my body strong, supple and fit and giving me much-needed time out to recharge my batteries and restore my system.

In this workshop we’ll tune into the benefits of learning to breath well, using yoga to manage stress, restore our energy levels, gain better sleep and understand our physical bodies better on the yoga journey.

Aches, pains, cramps, injuries – we’ll look at all of these and what they might be trying to tell us and how to find solutions.

Help Balance Your Hormones in one easy recipe


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