My hardback copy of The New Hot – Taking on the Menopause with Attitude and Style by Meg Mathews has just arrived and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

The Mail On Sunday had this to say:

‘Brutally honest, eye-wateringly detailed. Funny, informative and crammed with practical advice on every subject from sex to hormones, skincare to underwear. She (Meg) has dragged this taboo subject into the light and turned it into compelling, essential reading’

Menopause is going to happen to all of us women and it’s arrival can be sudden or subtle. So often it’s mistaken as depression by your GP.

Meg is an incredible spokeswoman. She goes into industry and government circles to talk about menopause and raise awareness of possible solutions for the myriad of problems that can arise.

It’s not just hot flushes and night sweats, there’s now 34 symptoms officially recognised. In my experience as a natural health practitioner I would add a few more such as asthma, tinnitus and recurrent viral infections.

Each chapter in the book tackles a different topic and includes Meg’s story, the stories of women she’s met and explanations of what’s going on from menopause experts. You’ll find solutions and tips, humour and encouragement.

I’ve written 2 chapters : natural tips to improve sleep and an ‘expert view’ on Managing Menopause Naturally.

I was genuinely excited to be asked to contribute. It feels part of something very special. A much-needed and long-awaited recognition in print for this huge transition. It’s time to reclaim our wise, older woman wisdom!

You can catch me and Meg chatting here

And The New Hot – Taking on the Menopause with Attitude and Style is available in bookshops from October 1st.

Thank you Meg, we women need this.

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