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I’ve been working with Aquasource products for over 24 years and take them myself every day.

I’m a big fan of  Aquasource Blue Green Algae which is one of the most potent superfoods on the planet –  rich in plant-sourced proteins and B vitamins.

I often recommend this to help with heavy metal chelation (detoxification) and to help increase strength and stamina. As ever, seek professional support if in doubt.

Here’s a few of my favourites and details on the full range here

Cleanse and detox with the Starteasy Kit

Starteasy is  great 4 to 5 week detox kit. Contains Acidophilus & Bifidus vegan probiotics, Digestive Enzymes & Blue Green Algae. It’s a gentle introduction to each product. People usually experience increased energy, improved sleep and better digestion. Make sure to hydrate plenty with filtered or spring water to avoid detox headaches and constipation.

Sea Power Algae

Rich in calcium, iron, kelp and B vitamins – I often recommend Sea Power Algae for women at times of hormonal change like puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It can be helpful for low thyroid conditions. A lower cost option than the Blue Green Algae. As with any supplementation, consult a healthcare professional if in doubt.

CoQ10 & Chromium

CoQ10 – the ‘q’ is ubiquinone, present in nearly every cell, organ & tissue in mammals and vital to transform food to energy. Heart, liver and kidney are high energy organs – they need lots of ubiquinone. Our capacity to metabolise this ourselves drops off after the age of 50. Smokers, athletes and people with poor circulation could benefit from Aquasource CoQ10 supplementation. CoQ10 is considered to be a safe antioxidant to take in pregnancy but, as ever, consult a professional if in doubt.

Osteo Forte

Vegetable-sourced calcium with vitamin K2 to help deposit calcium in the bones where it’s needed. Aquasource Osteoforte is great for people who can’t tolerate prescribed calcium supplements and anyone wanting to achieve better calcium absorption- ingredients work synergistically to help deliver maximum bone & joint nutrition. A real winner, an alternative to what I called ‘ground up chalk’

Vegan Acidophilus Probiotic

Vegan probiotic. Aquasource Acidophilus is one of the most tested probiotics, making it one of the easiest to recommend. Capsules can be broken open and added to milk, water or juice for babies.

Vegan Bifidus Probiotic

Vegan probiotic. Aquasource Bifidus contains long and short chain Bifidus & Bifidus Infantis. Capsules can be broken open and added to milk, water or juice for babies.

Organic Vegan Vitamin D

Aquasource Vitamin D vegan and sourced from organic shitake mushrooms. I love this product as it offers a viable alternative to most Vitamin D on the market which is derived from cholcalciferol which is derived from sheep’s lanolin – yuk – my questions are ‘what sheep, where was it raised, is it organic?’

Fatty Acid Complex

I’ve recommending Aquasource Fatty Acid Complex  for over 24 years. Only a tiny amount is needed as it’s so rich with essential and non-essential fatty acids. Suitable for babies and children and people who don’t want to down a dessertspoon of oil each day. Cold pressed oil in a 50ml dark glass bottle, non GMO. Lasts 25 days. 

Aquasource supplements are

  • Non GM
  • Contain no additives, no chemicals, no fillers, no binders
  • Mainly vegan and vegetarian
  • No whey, no soya, no sweeteners
  • Natural-source ingredients
  • Delivering high quality supplements for over 20 years

“This product is absolutely bang on and my nails are fantastically strong again.  “

I’m into week 3 of the Start Easy Programme and feeling better all round, so pleased you put me onto this. I can’t thank you enough!”

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