Right now we’ve been traversing a rainy July and a patchy August here in England and the idea of sunning ourselves on a hot beach far away from our everyday life is most appealing though, as we all know, travel can be fraught with a variety of potential ailments, upsets and delays which can really impact our precious time out!

Taking a bit of time to prepare and add just a few extras from the homeopathic pharmacy and health store shelves can make a huge difference to everyone in your travelling group.

I kick myself if I ever forget to pack my homeopathy first aid kit and there’s a few other essentials I like to have with me too and that’s within the UK and abroad.

It might be that all I reach for is a sleep remedy but it’s good to have remedies on board for insect bites, jet lag, sunburn, emotional upsets and feeling like I might be coming down with something.

I literally just spoke to someone this morning whose holiday was ruined by rain and having COVID. How much nicer would it have been to have had at least one of those things relieved?

It all began when my children were young

I started carrying a first aid kit when my children were young. It helped with bumps and bruises and bug bites and I’ll always remember sitting on the doorstep in Tobago with my son aged 9 watching the moon. He was missing home and a dose of Ignatia 30c helped him relax and go to sleep.

If you’d like to use homeopathy and natural methods to support your health during your travels, then read on – in this blog I will share some helpful tips and advice to help your holiday go smoothly.

The most common ailments I see are:

  • Travel sickness and jet lag
  • Fear of flying
  • Preventing and treating insect bites, cuts and stings
  • Preventing and treating an upset tummy
  • Avoiding and treating sunburn

In flight

For years now I’ve made up a Jet Lag Combo for clients and I might make up ‘specials’ for my frequent flyers to help prevent situations that they know always arise. For instance I had a client who would always get a cold when she flew and so I added an immune support into the mix and she just didn’t get ill after flights anymore.

If you are doing long haul then I recommend taking an antioxidant as well to help your system fight free radicals that cause cell damage – we are exposed to a lot of free radicals in transit!

Recently I’ve had a few people ask about remedies for fear of flying – the remedy is usually Arg Nit and for babies and toddlers who get sore ears on a plane you can try Chamomilla or Kali Mur.

Prevention is better than cure!

There are some simple things you can do as a prevention. Around 80% of our immune function takes place in the gut. A healthy gut helps combat pathogens such as virus and bacteria so it makes sense to take a daily probiotic to support digestion whilst travelling.

New foods and different water can be a challenge for our digestion and Nux Vomica is a great choice from your homeopathy kit for digestive pain, heartburn, acidity and slow digestion. This is different from eating contaminated food.

For an upset stomach from bad food or water with vomiting or diarrhoea I’d probably choose Arsen Alb and if you’re feeling depleted from a loss of fluids I’d choose China Officianalis.

Some basics to take with you

  • Get a homeopathy first aid kit – there is a basic kit with all the remedies you will need for common ailments whilst Ainsworths have a 42 remedy Essential First Aid Kit and Helios have a 36 remedy First Aid Kit.
  • 10ml Hypercal tincture – add 2 or 3 drops to cooled boiled water to clean wounds and speed healing
  • Insect Repellent – there are lots of natural ones available that work well. I find it can help to use locally sourced solutions like Holy Basil in Thailand, a Neem-based preparation in India, Geranium & Lavender in Europe and Lemon Eucalyptus in Australia
  • Probiotics – I like the Aquasource Acidophilus and Bifidus as they are Vegan Society approved. Acidophilus is well-researched and Bifidus is increasingly recommended for women and to help absorb B vitamins and support stress.
  • Pure Essential Lavender Oil – Drop two drops of oil onto the palm of your hand, lightly brush your palms across each other and soothe onto sunburnt skin. Lavender has fantastic healing properties for burns, scars, scalds and sunburn.
  • Pure Essential Tree Tea Oil – Dab onto insect bites

These remedies generally work for most people, however homeopathy works best on an individual basis, so if you have specific concerns, consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner before and during your travels to get personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Always prioritize your safety and seek conventional medical care for severe or life-threatening conditions during your travels. Homeopathy should not replace urgent medical attention when necessary.

Ski safely with homeopathy

Blogs are ephemeral so you could be reading this in the winter so look out for my Ski Safely tips later this year!

I have a helpful PDF with a full list of natural travel tips and solutions, which you can request here.

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