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Hello and welcome to my website

I’m Caroline Gaskin, a natural health practitioner and one of the UK’s leading homeopaths.

I graduated in 2000 with my homeopathy licentiate and soon added dietary & lifestyle advice & flower essences to meet my clients’ needs.

People of all ages and at all stages of life come to see me for support.

Homeopathy and natural health options can be used instead of or alongside conventional medicine and can help detox and re-energise after long courses of conventional treatment.

I’ve prescribed for thousands of people and write regularly with natural health advice. Scroll down for my latest blog post.

I get asked to help with both physical issues and emotional issues.

All appointments are currently online due to COVID. Please drop me a line at

I’m back in person at on Wednesdays from Spring 2021 but Ainsworths Pharamcy consluting rooms will remain closed.

I also hold online courses, natural health workshops, have a webinar series and lecture in homeopathy worldwide.

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s session, I was left with such a wonderful feeling, sharing that time with my daughter and concentrating on her, it felt really special. Thank you for creating that lovely space for us.”

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Bird Is The Word

Bird Is The Word

I'm working on my book today ' Bird Is The Word'. The book is about bird watching and what the world of the birds can bring us. It feels good to sit in a quiet space away from the hustle and anxieties of Autumn 2020. It's warm indoors. Outside the sky is blue with...

Hayfever 2019

Hayfever 2019

I’ve never written about hay fever as early as I have this year. Even in those crazy hot February days I had several people got in touch to say ‘help!’ so I was prescribing my hay fever remedies super early. The bad news is that this year could be far worse than...